Michele and Gennaro DiMeo, the founders and owners of Meatballs, Etc. wanted to create a concept that was fast and friendly, serving only the finest and freshest ingredients. An experience that allows the guest to be their own chef to create dishes inspired by their favorite Italian flavors.


There is no better way than to start with everyone’s

favorite Italian staple...


The Meatball!


With years of experience building their fleet of restaurants, including Carpaccio Tuscan Kitchen, 4 Seasons Grille, and Squisito Pizza and Pasta, Meatballs Etc. was created.


The common thread uniting all MONTE RDG managed locations is an emphasis on excellent food, superior service, and genuine value throughout the entire dining experience.


At each of the MONTE restaurants we strive to exceed the guest’s expectations on every plate, at every table, and every meal and do it time after time.