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Tips for Attracting the Millennial Diner

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Millennial diners are changing the way America eats. “More than 80 million Millennials worldwide represent a collective $170 billion in purchase power” (The Case Foundation). With that extensive influence, businesses are modifying their brands to attract this mammoth consumer group. 

Millennials are “tech savvy, entrepreneurial, educated and independent-minded” and they are setting the trend on dining out. Fast-casual concepts are ahead of the game when it comes to attracting a millennial and it’s important to note that trends are constantly adapting to the newest generation. 

In order to attract a millennial diner, it’s vital to know what they look for when dining out. Key factors millennials gravitate towards are fresh food, affordable prices, customization, a strong online presence and Instagram-worthy plating. Once a restaurant adapts these key elements; they will have mastered one of the crucial ingredients for success with the new generation of diners!


Farm to table, fresh produce and quality meats are growing rapidly in popularity. Diners are asking now more than ever before where their food comes from and will go for a slightly higher price tag if the meal is fresh. Delivered meal kits and popular food bloggers offer a rainbow of colors so of course patrons expect nothing less when dining out. The supersize trend is a thing of the past and the food industry has progressed in the way of fresh menu additions.


Millennials dine out multiple times a week. With this schedule it’s unreasonable to think they want to dish out big bucks for each and every meal. With fast-casual concepts offering affordable options and popping up in convenient places, millennial diners are opting more and more for these choices. 


Millennials enjoy control over their dining experience and a customizable menu allows them the power to be their own chef. Diners have a plethora of new and exciting dishes at their fingertips. Social media accounts such as “Tasty” receive millions of views on their videos, which are nothing more than a birds-eye view of the making of a dish. The exposure to new and exciting ingredients leaves millennials craving meals exactly to their liking. When the diner has the power to create his or her own meal, it’s easy to find something to everyone’s liking.

Online Presence

“More than 85 % of millennials in the US own smartphones” (Nielsen) and they are using them every day to search the web for their next purchase. Having a mobile app that is attractive, user-friendly and efficient is a must for brands. Quick and easy online ordering is just as crucial. When a millennial is trying out a new concept online presence is just as important as food quality.  


Whether you are a corporate chain or a mom and pop, foodies will go where there is Instagram-worthy (and delicious) food. With some Instagram foodie accounts having hundreds of thousands of followers, their influence is undeniable. Being hip and consistently plating beautiful food will surely bring back the influencers time and time again. 

It’s no secret that fast-casual restaurants are ahead of the curve when attracting millennial diners. The lines out the door for a delicious, affordable, customizable meal are driving fast food and full-service restaurants to take notice. Millennials are changing the way we eat in America for the better. Fresh, reasonable, delicious food is more readily available than in years past and it’s a welcome change.


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