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The Fast Casual model is perfect for Back to School Frenzy

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

The start of school is always a hectic time for everyone. Getting back into a routine takes some getting used to. The fast casual restaurant model offers the perfect solution to getting back into the swing of things. With healthy, affordable, on the go, delicious options, getting in the school mode has never been easier! Meatballs, Etc. offers fresh, healthy and crave-worthy food that is made to order for every customer. So what ways does Meatballs, Etc. help get you back in the school mode?

Quick Service

When you are in between school, sports and theater rehearsal, getting a nutritious meal quick is important. Fast Casual wait times are exponentially shorter than sit down restaurants offering a quick, easy option. With a streamlined process and entirely customizable menu, a delicious meal is ready in just minutes from start to finish!

Healthy Choices

Instead of a menu that is already crafted, Meatballs offers everything you could want in an Italian meal with a build your own mentality. This gives every diner the opportunity to make their meal as healthy (or as indulgent) as they’d like! With a bar of fresh cut veggies, grains and lean proteins, healthy options are affordable, delicious and attainable to all!

Fun for Kids

It’s no secret kids love to create. Letting them have the ability to build their own meal is exciting for all. After a busy day at school, kids get to enjoy being their own chef with their meal creation as an option for dinner that doesn’t break the bank.

Perfect for Team Dinners 

Don’t worry about splitting the check or making a reservation at a fast casual restaurant. Stop by with the team and enjoy a meal everyone loves with the ease of paying per customer, family or however you’d like! Work with the manager to set up a fundraiser and let your team dinner pay off with 15% back that can help with new uniforms, a team party or even a fun coaches gift!

With a fun atmosphere, affordable pricing, healthy options and streamlined process, Meatballs, Etc. is the perfect model to combat the back to school frenzy. Fast casual was built for ease and convenience, Meatballs adds awesome Italian food for a winning combination.