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Not Another Burger Concept

Monday, October 15, 2018

Fast-Casual concepts are popping up everywhere nowadays and they all seem to fall into the same categories: burgers and tacos. Meatballs, Etc. is a fresh, new concept that offers all components needed for a successful fast casual model. With quick service, fresh ingredients, an amazing ambiance and house made recipes, Meatballs, Etc. offers an exciting addition to the Fast-Casual market with very little competition. Burgers and tacos are everywhere, and the excitement has run its course. Italian fast-casual is the next big thing and it’s important to get in on the ground floor.

The market is so saturated with burger concepts that people are looking for new, exciting options. In 2016, Five Guys had more than 1,000 restaurants operating with a whopping 1,500 in the works to open. While Americans love a good burger, the healthy trend has made it so that they are a decadent treat, rather than a weekly meal. With thousands of burger chain restaurants opening a year, consumers are looking for more exciting, healthier options and not going to the same tired brands.

Fast-Casual stocks for massive brands serving burgers took a dive in 2016, while less traditional fast-casual chains that served chicken saw an increase. This is a direct correlation to an over saturated market and consumers leaning towards newer, healthier concepts. As a whole, the restaurant industry is turning to fresher ingredients and Italian fast-casual is prepped to take this niche by storm. Fast-Casual is not slowing down anytime soon, in fact it is the “only restaurant channel in America to increase traffic over the past five years.” (NPD)

The Key Components of Fast-Casual

  • Streamlined, convenient ordering
  • Inviting atmosphere for dining in 
  • Affordable pricing without losing quality 

Meatballs, Etc. is focused on fresh, delicious Italian food. Instead of burgers and tacos, Meatballs offers a menu filled with fresh ingredients and homemade authentic sauce recipes. In the Fast-Casual world, Meatballs stands out with its native Italian roots and dedication to healthier options. Some even believe the hamburger came from a meatball being smashed between two slices of bread! Every guest who walks in is greeted by an inviting atmosphere with photos from Italy throughout the ages. Throughout the ordering process they get to see every ingredient as it goes together to create the perfect dish for their taste buds. The process is quick, affordable and results in a delicious meal that leaves them coming back for more.

Stand out in the Fast-Casual arena and expand your restaurant portfolio with Meatballs, Etc. Try us for yourself to find out just how delicious the food is and see why Italian Fast-Casual is a winning concept. “Fast-Casual brands are expected to grow by 7.5% this year” (Restaurant Business Online) so now is the perfect time to join a winning concept that stands out from the rest.


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