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Best Summer Veggies to Top Your Bowl

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Summer is finally here and along with beautiful weather come some incredible produce. One of the best things about being based in Maryland is that we get four distinct seasons and with that comes exciting, fresh flavors with each change of weather. This gives every guest at Meatballs, Etc. the opportunity to taste the best local ingredients that each season has to offer. Summer is one of our favorites and here are some of the best summer veggies to top your bowl!



Cucumbers have such a high water content that they are among the most refreshing of all veggies making them perfect for hot summer months. Because of their mild flavor and refreshing crispness, they are extremely versatile and thus can be added to a wide variety of meals. From a delicious mixed salad, to a hearty sub, cucumbers add the perfect crunch to any meal. 



Tomatoes are one of the staples of great Italian cuisine. From an incredible marinara sauce to fresh in a caprese salad, tomatoes can be found in almost any dish in Italy. During the summer, they have an incredible flavor and thrive in the Maryland climate. Because of the combination of our Italian roots and our Maryland home, we feature tomatoes all over our menu! They are the perfect addition to cold and hot meals and can be the perfect topping to your bowl, sauce to your pasta, or even solo in a delicious tomato basil soup. Try our amazing bruschetta and sun-dried tomatoes for your next awesome meal.



Peppers are among the most flavorful of all veggies. Ranging from piping hot to deliciously sweet, they add the best flavor to any dish hot or cold! Top your dish with fresh bell peppers or opt. for banana peppers for the perfect balance to any fresh bowl.



At Meatballs, Etc. we created a build your own environment so every guest can design their dish to fit their cravings. Build your own bowl with pasta, grains, salad, or veggies and add your favorite toppings for a unique meal created just for you! We pride ourselves in sourcing the freshest ingredients and summer is a perfect time to embrace the great summer produce! Check out our menu hereand swing by Meatballs today for a delicious meal made just the way you like it!