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Best Places to Open a Fast-Casual Restaurant

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Fast-casual restaurants thrive in the middle of a city or busy suburban shopping centers. Constant foot traffic and proximity to offices and colleges make for a convenient dining experience that the modern-day diner is looking for. According to CNBC, “it’s all about speed in today’s restaurant industry” and successful restaurants are those that have “simplified operations, quick, convenient service and order accuracy.” Meatballs, Etc. has perfected each of those qualities in a fast-casual concept and combining that with prime locations equals a winning business venture.

1. Close to offices: lunch sales are huge for fast-casual restaurants! With customizable options, affordable pricing and a speedy, efficient model, fast-casual concepts are perfect for the lunch time diner. Being in proximity to an office park, lots of office buildings and even doctors’ offices will give you the leg up you need to attract quick diners for a lunch rush. 

2. Foot traffic: being in the middle of the hustle and bustle is a great idea for fast-casual restaurants. Having plenty of foot traffic directly in front of your door and swift service makes it all the more attractive for diners to “run in off the street” for a snack or quick bite to eat; plus, it’s great advertising in itself! Whether you’re in a city center or a busy shopping center, the more people who walk by your front door, the better off you are for a fast-casual environment.

3. Near colleges/ universities: another great place to tap into is a college town. Students are always looking for amazing food at competitive prices and are willing to pay more for fast-casual to get a higher quality meal than at fast food restaurants. With inviting environments and a speedy ordering process, students are more inclined to pop in your fast-casual restaurant if you are close enough to be convenient. 

The saying “location, location, location” is crucial for fast-casual restaurants. Locations with a higher volume of traffic will give you advertising due to proximity and a customer base right in your front yard. With the average check for fast-casual concepts at $12 compared to the average check at fast food restaurants being $5 (according to Franchise Help), and a simplified operation structure, the return on investment is a sure thing. Pairing the perfect location with a winning concept like Meatballs, Etc. will help launch you into a successful restaurant career or even help to expand your restaurant portfolio.