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2019 Resolutions for Healthy Italians

Saturday, January 12, 2019

It seems everyone aims to make the new year their year for being healthy, but as an Italian (or Italian food lover) it can be difficult with tempting cheese, pasta and bread! We came up with some creative resolutions to be healthy and still dine Italian!

1. Try something healthy from the menu: Most menus are sectioned based on their common dish: chicken, salad, pasta, classics, etc. Try venturing outside of your comfort zone and give a fresh salad or lean protein paired with fresh vegetables a try. Chances are, you might fall in love with a new dish you wouldn’t have otherwise tried! At Meatballs, we offer a variety of choices for you to choose something healthy consisting of only fresh ingredients (nothing frozen- we don’t even have freezers!) and customize your favorite Italian staples!

2. Make your favorite recipe at home: In love with chicken parmesan? Try making it at home and learn about the ingredients that make up one of your favorite dishes. Substitute butter with garlic, try adding oil instead of cream and see your favorite dish come to life in a healthy way.

3. Skip the cheese and top your pasta with fresh herbs: Have you ever topped your pasta with fresh basil or oregano? The flavors are amazing and remind you of being transported right to the Italian fields which made them famous. Try a little less parmesan on top or skip it all together and see how red pepper flakes and basil really liven up a dish.

4. Opt for garlic and oil over Alfredo: Alfredo is ah-mazing… we know, we are in love too! It’s also great for a cheat meal or a special occasion but opt. for garlic and olive oil when dining out and see how a little parmesan cheese marries perfectly with garlic and olive oil for a tasty, healthier alternative to a sauce. You might just fall in love! 

5. Finish your meal with fresh fruit: In Italy, a traditional meal can be upwards of 8 or 9 courses, but did you know that often Italians end their meals with fresh fruit (or have some right before that famous tiramisu)? It’s a delicious and healthy way to incorporate fresh ingredients and satisfy your sweet tooth.

We love hearty Italian food which is why our fleet of restaurants specializes in everything from meatballs and pizza to carbonara and carpaccio, but if you are looking for a healthy way to dine Italian style- try some of the other incredible ingredients Italy has to offer! Switch up your routine and you might just be surprised at how much you love the new dishes. 

If you’re not ready to give up pasta… remember Italians eat pasta 2 to 3 times a day almost 7 days a week and never have a problem with weight gain. It’s all in moderation, sauce choice and small portion sizing. Healthy choices lead to a healthier you (and you don’t have to give up your favorite food group!) Cheers to 2019 and all the amazing resolutions that come along with it! We look forward to serving you at Meatballs, Etc. soon!